Welcome to Survive and Thrive TV!

Millions of American are going through unbelievable changes in lifestyle and living arrangements. Few if anyone is talking candidly about what is happening right now to American families. It is my hope, that in sharing my story and hearing the stories of others that we might all benefit from each others information.

What causes us to go from a state of thriving and surviving to the other? What can you do to enable yourself and your loved ones to survive and thrive in these uncertain times?

This site is designed to be a starting point for those who need help navigating all that life throws at you.

Right now an army of faceless enemies have been laying siege on the American Individual for decades. Policies have been implemented that have stripped away personal freedoms, attacked the family unit and destroyed faith in our economic system.

We now face two realities in the US., Individuals reliant upon the state with a slow degradation of their living standards, moral judgment and respect for fellow Americans. In the other camp, we see a small but growing number of people interested in personal freedom and responsibility. It is only a matter of time before these two cultures clash in an "end game" scenario that is frightening to consider.

The current economic and cultural firestorm has all of us asking the same questions, wondering how we can make it through. How will we support our families? How will we feed, house, clothe ourselves? And in the midst of this chaos, how will we maintain our dignity, culture, and beliefs?

We get it. We are a group of people just like you who have been through this "firestorm" before. We know that it is possible to live your life with meaning and grace when everything seems impossible. That's why we created Survive and Thrive TV: to give you real-world examples of individuals who have survived and thrived in the midst of change.