About Us

Survive and Thrive TV is an outlet devoted to sharing ideas that help people survive and thrive in our changing world. Our world is facing issues with debt, energy and food prices, and declining real wages as a result of increased global competition, corporate mergers and outsourcing. In the midst of all this, working with members of the Social Networking Alliance, we discovered people who were finding greater joy and new opportunities in our chaotic times.

What is happening with debt, energy, food, and world incomes will dramatically change how we live. Many governments, households, and companies across the globe can no longer service their debts. Energy and food prices are really hurting many families. And a race to the bottom with wages is not working well in the Western World. So to deal with these three factors we need a new way of looking at the world. A more locally focused world with less dependence on corporate giants and middle men. And each day, more and more people are finding their way to create new opportunities from this chaos. Survive and Thrive TV is dedicated to sharing this information from our panel of experts and our members to help others cope with the lifestyle changes we will face in the future.

In fact we at Survive and Thrive TV believe that we can have a happier future with stronger communities, with more enjoyable lives, and feel a stronger sense of place.