Gulf Coast Sustainability As a Response to Climate Change

The Gulf Coast Sustainable Communities Network served as a model for helping communities in both Texas and the eastern seaboard affect by the hurricanes.  SC launched the Gulf Coast Sustainable Communities Network in 2009, in response to the many issues communities were facing as a result of the devastating 2005 hurricanes.

Reaching from Alabama into Texas, the network is forging stronger connections among organizations and local leaders in more than a dozen of the region’s most vulnerable communities. It connects coastal communities to one another, helping them take practical steps to make housing more affordable, create economic opportunities, foster a healthier environment and mitigate the impacts of climate change—to make informed choices about their future.

Through an integrated program of community exchanges, training workshops, technical assistance, and support for emerging leaders, the network provides an avenue for civic leaders from across the Gulf Coast to share information and ideas, learn from and support each other’s activities, and take small programs and local innovations to scale.

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