Why Raised Bed Gardening is better than Container Gardening, Raised Bed

Raised Bed Gardening vs Container Gardening, Raised Bed Gardens vs Container Gardens. Raised bed gardens are better than container gardens because the soil is exposed to the natural earth. So more of nature can enter your garden from the bottom of the container. Two 12 x 4 raised bed gardens with rich soil can easily provide for a family throughout the year. 

First of all, raised bed gardens allow for better drainage and improved soil quality over time. They also make it possible for you to enjoy greater control over the micro-environments created by each individual plant—and they're easier to maintain.

Second, raised beds let you grow more plants in less space—which means more food (or flowers) without taking up more room in your yard or on your patio. This can be especially helpful if your property is small or if your local weather isn't conducive to container gardening year-round.

Finally, raised beds help reduce weed problems and minimize the likelihood of pests and disease affecting your crop—something that can't always be said about container gardens.

What does all this mean? It means that if you're thinking about starting a garden, you should use raised beds instead.