Top Chef 15 Minute Cooking Competition - Survive And Thrive TV

This clip is a blast from the past were before the Pandemic were Richard Blais takes on Fabio Viviani in a 15 minute cooking competition.  IT shows how quick and easy it is to make great cooked meals fast.

The Top Chef cooking competition is a high-stress environment where time is of the essence, but with today's competitors, Richard Blais and Fabio Viviani, we have to wonder if that's going to be enough to make a difference. They are both equally great chefs with equally impressive records, so the only thing that might separate the two of them—besides the dishes they cook—is their ability to stay calm under pressure.

To really understand this occasion, you have to know a little more about these two individuals: Richard Blais went on Top Chef season 8 and won it all. He has also been on several other television shows, such as Iron Chef America. Fabio Viviani was on Top Chef season 5 and finished in second place. He has also been on the show Life After Top Chef. Both of them have impressive cooking resumes outside of television as well.

You could say that Richard has an advantage because he has been on television more often than Fabio, so he is used to the pressure of competition. But Fabio has been on more seasons of Top Chef than Richard—and he did come in second place!